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Why do parents do what they do?  I have listened to the news this past weekend as authorities have searched for a beautiful 5-year old little girl.  It appears that the “mother” of this child had sold the child for sex.  What kind of person…let alone the mother of the child could do such a travesty as this?  I just learned that the body of the precious child has been found…God only knows what this child had to endure prior to her death.
I am a very passive, non violent person, but when I heard the news that her body had been found, I just wanted to put my fist through a wall.  Although at that time some cobwebs broke loose in the cockles of my brain and reminded me of Newton’s third law of gravity…you know..For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction!  Thus, fist vs. plaster wall…..fist would loose.
I suppose the only reason that I am writing this is to say that a lot of people should NOT be parents!!!!!!



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