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Jumping in head first!

Wow..I can’t beleive that I have actually started my own blog.  My cousin has a blog and I am always pestering her to blog all of the time because her blogs are so interesting.  You will soon find that my are rather boring since they will mostly be about the antics of three children.  They are 9, 6 and 3.  The keep my husband and I on our toes as they are always coming up with something new.

Timmy who is our three year old grandson has refused to be potty trained.  We have offered every bribe in the book.  We have tried Cheerios in the potty as a target, we have given him M&M’s, gummy bears, matchbox cars…you name it we have tried every bribe in the book for him to go in the potty…all to no avail.   He knows what to do because he will come to us (or his parents) and tell us “I just went potty in my pants”.  No amount of “time outs” have worked.  After the time outs we get “are you sorry you put me in time out”?  Our usual response is “no…are you sorry you went potty in your pants?”  His response is usually “NO” 

AT LAST… his daddy has found something that Timmy wants…..Timmy saw a set of poker chips that were sitting on a shelf in the basement of their house.  Timmy begged to play with them.  His daddy made a deal with him that if he went for 30 days without going potty in his pants, that he could have the poker chips.

………………It has now been a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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