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Family IS Love

Nothing can replace the love of family……..NOTHING.  Recently I received a call from my aunt that my cousin’s husband had a heart attack.  She told me that she did know how serious it was, but that she would call me with any updates.  As a RN I knew how serious it was because “C” has a cardiac history as he had undergone cardiac bypass surgery about 7-8 years ago.  My first response was to jump on the next plane to California and be with my cousin “J”.  “J” is the one that inspired me to write this blog……which I am sure that no one will ever read.  “J” is a very strong, self-sufficient woman with a lot of good, close friend that I’m sure that with her for physical and emotional support….but they were not family.  To me family is everything.  I wanted with every fiber of my being to be there with her…..just to hold her hand and listen to what the doctors told her.  All I could do was to sit here and pray for her and “C”.  Fortunately “C” is OK.  The doctors placed 2 stents and he should be discharged soon.

All too often we take our family for granted.  When we leave the house or end a phone conversation we say “Love ya” ……but we must remember not to take for granted that this may be the last time that we will see this person……So when we see or talk to the ones that we love and say I love you, or Love ya…..remember to say it with meaning….it may be that last chance you get!


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