Why do parents do what they do?  I have listened to the news this past weekend as authorities have searched for a beautiful 5-year old little girl.  It appears that the “mother” of this child had sold the child for sex.  What kind of person…let alone the mother of the child could do such a travesty as this?  I just learned that the body of the precious child has been found…God only knows what this child had to endure prior to her death.
I am a very passive, non violent person, but when I heard the news that her body had been found, I just wanted to put my fist through a wall.  Although at that time some cobwebs broke loose in the cockles of my brain and reminded me of Newton’s third law of gravity…you know..For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction!  Thus, fist vs. plaster wall…..fist would loose.
I suppose the only reason that I am writing this is to say that a lot of people should NOT be parents!!!!!!



It doesn’t take much!

Our oldest granddaughter turned 9 last friday.  How can it be that she is 9 years older and I have not aged a bit?

Most 9 year olds have a birthday list a mile long, but not Sophie…she had one thing on her list—-and one thing only.  She wanted a scooter with a motor.  She would take one any color but she really wanted a red one.   

As any respectable grandma and grandpa would do we set out on a mission….a red scooter with a motor.   How hard could this be?  We round many scooters..some red, but they went up to 20 mph…NOT.  We then found a blue one that went 15 mph…still not slow enough.  This store did tell us that the brand that they sold were color-coded by speed.  The red ones that they sold only went 10 mph…this was more in the ballpark for us – but they completely out.  What is this Christmas Eve?  The clerk was very helpful and called other stores in the area and found one for us…about 50 miles away.  At this point we did not care.  The clerk worked it out with the other store to hold the scooter for us (it was the last one that they had) and we were on our way.

When we finally returned home with the box the dreadful words “Some assembly required” my husband gave me “the look”.  The box was hidden away until the day of her birthday..she is a very inquisitive 9-year-old.   Fortunately the assembly was simple as putting the front handle bar into the base of the scooter and flipping a clasp over to hold it into place.   Next on the instructions were the other fateful words “charge for 18 hours before use”…this was a 2PM and her party was 6PM…great planning on our part.  “here’s your present..too bad you can’t use it until tomorrow”

God is good…..when she found her scooter..the charger was “green”….yes it was ready to take off!  She  wasn’t thrilled about having to wear a helmet, but at  10 mph she had not choice.

She has had it for 4 days now and has not been off it – except when it charges.    I think it is exactly what she wanted.


During this past summer my entire family was saddened by loss of my mother.  My mother was the anchor of my family.  She was funny,  had a great sence of humor, and through all of illness in the past 5 to 6  years she has always had a positive attitude and never complained.  When it came to the point that I was no longer able to keep her at home with my family, we had to put her in a nursing home.  This decision was not an easy one for me.  I am one that feels that if the tables we turned, my Mom would take care of me, so why couldn’t I continue to take care of her???  After taking with Mom’s doctors and my family talking to my doctors,  the decision was made.  It was a good decision.   Mom was the life of the party at the Nursing Home.  She attended all the activities and had residents who had not participated in the past participating in crafts and other activities.

You may be wondering was all of this has to do with the “The Curiosity of a Six Year Old”  During the 6 years that my mother was so sick, my 6 year granddaughter grew up with her G,G,O. (Great Grandma Omega),  She got to know and love her GGO.  At times they were inseparable.  KayLee became a regular fixture at the Nursing Home.  They were best buds.  I think that it was so special, because so many 6 year olds don’t get to have a close relationship with their grandparents, but it was so special that she had this loving bond with her great grandmother.

After 6 years we had to make a very agonizing decision that we must put GGO into a Hospice program.   Every day KayLee, Sophie and Timmy were there to play with her.  She was very alert and loved seeing her.  After about 6 days she lost her memory and slept most of the time but all kids faithfully came to see their GGO.

When GGO’s time with us was over, I think that KayLee took it harder than anyone else.  At this time she was so wise and grown=up way beyond her years.  She has grown up in Sunday and Church so she knew that GGO was in Heaven, but wasn’t clear on just how she would get there.  Her mommy and daddy did a beautiful job explaining this to her.

At the wake at the funeral home she cried of course when she saw her GGO.  She saw me touch Mom, so I guess though that this would be something that she should do also.  To her surprise GGO was cold and hard…not soft and warm as she remembered.  Her eyes got big and she took off running.  A few minutes later she returned with her 6 year old cousin from Connecticut.  Nolan had lived away from Illinois all of his life so he does not have the same attachment to GGO that KayLee has.  The following conversation started…

KayLee…….Nolan…touch her,,,,,you won’t get in trouble!

Nolan……I don’t want to touch her…that would be gross!

KayLee……..Come on……what are you afraid of…..she’s dead….she won’t heart you

Nolan……No…not me….you touch her if you want to….but I’m not going to do it.

Kaylee……I already touched her….you should too….She is cold as ice and hard as a rock.  She’s not soft and warm like she used to be.  I don’t know what happens when you die,

             but I didn’t think that would.

At that time they took off and we did not see they for about an hor or so.

Family IS Love

Nothing can replace the love of family……..NOTHING.  Recently I received a call from my aunt that my cousin’s husband had a heart attack.  She told me that she did know how serious it was, but that she would call me with any updates.  As a RN I knew how serious it was because “C” has a cardiac history as he had undergone cardiac bypass surgery about 7-8 years ago.  My first response was to jump on the next plane to California and be with my cousin “J”.  “J” is the one that inspired me to write this blog……which I am sure that no one will ever read.  “J” is a very strong, self-sufficient woman with a lot of good, close friend that I’m sure that with her for physical and emotional support….but they were not family.  To me family is everything.  I wanted with every fiber of my being to be there with her…..just to hold her hand and listen to what the doctors told her.  All I could do was to sit here and pray for her and “C”.  Fortunately “C” is OK.  The doctors placed 2 stents and he should be discharged soon.

All too often we take our family for granted.  When we leave the house or end a phone conversation we say “Love ya” ……but we must remember not to take for granted that this may be the last time that we will see this person……So when we see or talk to the ones that we love and say I love you, or Love ya…..remember to say it with meaning….it may be that last chance you get!

The Man on the Corner

My 9-year-old granddaughter has a tender heart of gold.

After picking her up after school on Wednesday, I took her with me to run some errands.  As we had finished our errands she had asked if we could stop at Steak n’ Shake (if you do not live in the Midwest and don’t have a Steak n’ Shake..you are really missing out on the best milk shakes on earth) for a Oreo shake.  As we approached a busy four-way intersection, she saw a rather dirty unkempt man standing on the corner holding a sign.  She could not see his small card well enough to read it so she asked “Grandma…..why is that man standing there and why is he holding that piece of cardboard?”  I explained to her that he was probably a homeless man and that his sign said “Will work for food”.  At that time she asked if I had any jobs for him to do so we could give him something to eat.   I then told her that it really wasn’t safe to take people who you don’t know home with you……Elizabeth Smart still brings tears to my eyes…..but that we could certainly get him some food.  When we pulled on the lot of Steak n’ Shake, Sophie told me “Grandma…..make sure that you get him cheese on his hamburger, french fries and a big soda…..he really looked hungary.  She then went on to tell me that if I didn’t have enough money with me that it was O.K. not to get her shake….she had a good lunch at school and she knew that she would have a good dinner at home.

Needless to say……”The Man on the Corner” got a Triple Cheeseburger – a large order of fries – and a large Coke.  Sophie also got her Oreo shake and Grandma made sure that hers was also a large one.

When we pulled up to the corner, Sophie handed the man his food and told him that Grandma didn’t have any work for him to do but that we thought that he looked hungary.  A tear came to the man’s eye and he looked a Sophie and said “May God bless you…for as when I was hungary you fed me”……………….at that time a chill went down my spine.

Jumping in head first!

Wow..I can’t beleive that I have actually started my own blog.  My cousin has a blog and I am always pestering her to blog all of the time because her blogs are so interesting.  You will soon find that my are rather boring since they will mostly be about the antics of three children.  They are 9, 6 and 3.  The keep my husband and I on our toes as they are always coming up with something new.

Timmy who is our three year old grandson has refused to be potty trained.  We have offered every bribe in the book.  We have tried Cheerios in the potty as a target, we have given him M&M’s, gummy bears, matchbox cars…you name it we have tried every bribe in the book for him to go in the potty…all to no avail.   He knows what to do because he will come to us (or his parents) and tell us “I just went potty in my pants”.  No amount of “time outs” have worked.  After the time outs we get “are you sorry you put me in time out”?  Our usual response is “no…are you sorry you went potty in your pants?”  His response is usually “NO” 

AT LAST… his daddy has found something that Timmy wants…..Timmy saw a set of poker chips that were sitting on a shelf in the basement of their house.  Timmy begged to play with them.  His daddy made a deal with him that if he went for 30 days without going potty in his pants, that he could have the poker chips.

………………It has now been a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello world!

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